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About Hive Networking

So, What is Hive Networking all about?

Who is Hive Networking?

Hive is a non-profit network, made up of a group of growth oriented business people, who want to build their businesses via word of mouth referrals.

Why word of mouth?

Word of mouth is possibly the most trusted introduction when a business is looking for a new supplier. If a member, who they already trust can refer you, you are far more likely to get the business.

How does it work?

We only have one category per Business, which eliminates any competition and the possible bidding wars that can arise. This helps us to grow good solid working relationships with our fellow members.

We meet fortnightly at The Swan, Thornbury Bristol on a Wednesday at 9.30am, as most business owners struggle to meet more frequently. We considered that holding them midweek and midmorning was the best way to accommodate business owners who want to grow their business.

The costs are kept low to encourage all size businesses and maintain as much flexibility for members as possible.

A typical meeting agenda is:

Meet and Brunch
Welcome and House Rules
Introductions Round (60-seconds)
Break and Open Networking
Member presentation 1
Introductions Round (60-seconds)
Member Presentation 2
Member contributions round
Close, Open Networking and 121s

You get the opportunity for plenty of conversations where you can:

  • find out a little more about each other;
  • book those most important 121s so you now how you can refer others;
  • and possibly explore any synergies you may have that could lead to collaboration.

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