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Hive is a non-profit business network, made up of a group of growth oriented business people, who want to build their businesses via word of mouth referrals and networking.
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What are the benefits of face-to-face networking?

We have long known that communication is not just about the words that people hear or read. In fact, words alone only make up about 7% of effective communication.

Writing and posting on social media is all well and good but that mostly only conveys words.

Your tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%) the other components that convey your message to another person.

OK, so what about video?

Nowadays, we have the benefit that most social media platform enable us to create live or upload recorded video. This enables us to put across our tone of voice and a certain amount of body language. However, it doesn’t completely replace the connection you receive when you see the person in front of you.

It has been scientifically proven that we all have an energy field or aura around us. We tap into this field when we meet a person and create this connection. We then mirror each other so when one person is enthusiastic and smiling, the other will respond in a similar fashion.

We are also unlikely to be distracted when holding that person in conversation; (for example, we will leave our mobile phones in our pockets or bags). This means we are concentrating much more on the other person. These interactions cannot take place on video.

Added to this, the handshake or hug and eye contact are also a much stronger way to build trust with people and it’s this trust that will be the basis of someone wanting to work you and be willing to refer your business onto others.

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